YunoJuno Changelog

We'd like to be as open and transparent as we can with you, and as part of that overall strategy we're publishing our live changelog online.

Each release to Heroku is tracked, and using their API we can pull down our complete history, including the hash of each release commit. We then calculate the diff between each release by running the following git command:

$ git log --format='* %s' --no-merges hash1..hash2

If you're wondering why the release numbers aren't consecutive, Heroku generate release numbers for us, and each time the app is restarted, which happens not only when we deploy, but also when we change configuration settings or install a new add-on, the number is bumped. So if there's a gap in the sequence it's because we've updated something else on the platform.

Anyway, enough of the pre-amble, here are the latest updates: