YunoJuno is a Django web app. We rely on the great python and django open-source community, and according to (our own) django-package-monitor we have almost 100 external dependencies. We try and contribute back to the community (fixing bugs, adding features), and we have published a number of our own projects - which are available through our Github account. We blog about our experiences on our Tech blog.

The development team works on a multiplicity of platforms, from MacBooks (Airs and Pros) to old Dell desktops and everything in between.

As a result of being distributed, we rely on a lot of great hosted tools to keep the engine running.

YunoJuno would like to thank the following:

  • Trello - like bionic, digital, Post-It notes
  • Basecamp - dates, discussions, project type stuff
  • InVision - share and annotate designs
  • Google Docs - sometimes you have to write a doc or two
  • Google Hangouts - other times it's good to talk
  • HipChat - IM done right - our virtual office
  • Zendesk - customer support and ticket tracking
  • Zopim - live Chat, integrated with (and owned by) Zendesk
  • Base CRM - CRM and contact management
  • Segment - management of analytics and tracking
  • Google Analytics - web analytics
  • Heap - event-based analytics
  • DNSimple - DNS management
  • BitBucket - great hosting for private bits
  • GitHub - great hosting for public parts
  • Periscope - dashboards and data

The site is hosted on Heroku, and uses the following addons and other services: