Vincent Roman

Front-End Developer

I love Webpack, React, Redux, and a whole host of web tech, and with 17+ years in the industry I have a wide array of experience in different environments working on high profile, high volume websites.

London, GB

  • LESS
  • React
  • Angular
  • Meteor
  • Webpack
  • Sass
  • Gulp
  • ES2015
  • ES6

I have worked on high volume, high traffic websites for over 15 years, dealing with traffic reaching millions of web users worldwide, producing many hundreds of millions of hits a month. Performance and process are most certainly key in this world.

Member since 29 Jan 2013
12 Recommendations

Work History



Arthur Miller Foundation

Full-Stack Developer
December 2016 – 2 months


Team Lead / Front End Developer
July 2016 – 12 months

Media Monks

Senior Front-End Developer
December 2015 – 1 Month

Bravand Limited

Lead Freelance Developer
July 2015 – 1 Month


Senior Front-End Developer
2014-2015 – 15 Months

BBH / Addictive Pixel


Method Inc.


The Mill









Front-End Developer
2010 – 6 Months

Stink Digital

Front-End Developer
2008-2010 – 2 Years





Vincent took on the challenge of working on a difficult project with a very tight deadline, and was able to complete some of the most complex functionality within the timeframe we had. He is self-motivated, very positive and a good addition to any development team.

Martin Spain

Consultant front-end developer at Houses of Parliament

I have hugely enjoyed working with Vincent. Apart from being very easy going and friendly person, he has highly analytical mind which he uses to juggle with data and produce clean code. He also has great attention to details. It would be pleasure to collaborate with him again in the future, and I can recommend him without hesitation.

Yuri Petusko

Javascript developer

Vincent's diverse skills helped us tremendously on the HTML5 Video based site we completed together. He is honest, thorough and innovative in his work. I'll definitely be working with him again in the future,

Tony Volpe

Technical Director at Nexus Interactive Arts

I worked with Vincent for about 8 months, on the team at BrightTALK. Despite the very short period working together, we have remained in touch; testament to more than just work. Vincent brought a unique knowledge along side many other positives, and with his individual thinking, and sense of humour it was always great to work with him. He loves to share, and give back to others & the team, as much as he loves to learn new tricks, and he was an periodic contributor to the weekly "brown bag" meetings the dev team operated. Am assured asset to any team he might join.

Khurram Shahzad

Technical Lead at AIA Worldwide

Vincent is an experienced developer with a vast array of development knowledge. Lifebeat's website was architected by Vincent, and he played a key role in the design and development of the site. He brings a depth of experience and vast array of ideas that are second to none to building websites and presenting ideas in a compelling and evocative fashion. I recommend him highly.

Leslie B. Doyle

Event/Marketing/Media/Management Consultant

Within a very short space of time after meeting Vince, it was clear I was working with someone equally as experienced as myself and willing to always go the extra mile through hard work and diligence to deliver against all that was asked. At no stage did his programming skills do anything other than improve the site we worked together on. He was tasked with a particularly challenging piece of functionality to build, and over the course of 3 months, continually impressed the extended team with what he produced. I could also give Vince some work to do and always trust him 100%, knowing that what came back would be what I wanted. This is something I can't say about many freelancers I've worked with! I sure hope we get to work together again. Personally and professionally, we got on extremely well. Thoroughly recommended.

Martin Burford

Currently busy in a contract

I had the pleasure to work with Vincent through my own company Zeitguised, who he worked for as an IT consultant and developer, and as an office colleague during his time at Stink Digital. Vincent is always on time, his work is technically impeccable and he is ever so charming and upbeat in personal contact, and he keeps calm in the most stressful of situations. I wish i could work more with people like him. I can highly recommend working with him.

Henrik Mauler

ZEITGUISED Art&Direction

I cannot say enough about Vincent's integrity and abilities. When a project I was working ran into problems, Vincent stepped in and saved the day, working tirelessly to get the project finished -- within budget! He surpassed every expectation and I think the results were even better than planned. I hope to work with Vincent again in the future and would whole-heartedly recommend his work.

Sarah Peters

Web Design and Marketing Strategy for Small Business and Non-Profits

Vincent has been one of the most exciting people to work with so far in my career. His knowledge and skills are exceptional. With new ideas constantly on the horizon, Vincent brings the idea into reality. I fully trust him to complete the task at hand not only on time but in the best execution possible. Not only is his work unique but also based on quality.

Greta Corke

Head of UX Profero Singapore

Vincent is one of the most talented web developers I've ever come across. He taught himself most of his skills, so that already gives you an idea of the type of person he is. Vincent is bright, confident, exceptionally hard working and an all-around nice guy. He's got great ideas and works well with other people. When he left Stink Digital, I was very sorry to see him go, because not only is he a great colleague but he's a lovely friend too. I would recommend him without hesitation!

Jess Fletcher

Digital and Integrated Project Management Researcher at Source

Vincent is passionate about the progression of the web, and can discuss any topic articulately and clearly, as he presents regularly online through his blog. He is a web developer who is in touch with creative arts and is passionate about both. He enjoys knowledge and learning, and consciously analyses processes. Socially and out-of-hours, he will go out of his way to help anyone who needs it. He is very generous with his time and knowledge.

Tim Davis

Freelance Designer / Music Producer

Vincent is a great front-end developer and knows is way around LAMP so you can count on him to develop nice and clean integration code. It also like to stay fresh with all new coding practices and queries without forgetting the all important cross-browsers issues. He is dedicated and will work until it's done. His music taste, gained from, also helped making any working environment better.

Christophe Taddei

Executive Digital Producer at Havas Worldwide